Our first year as an Independent Guard was very exciting. We wanted a show that had a "statement" - a show that represented who we were, so we chose to create our own music by combining Michael Jackson's "They Don't Care About Us" with Pastor Martin Neimoller's poetry (see below). After many, many hours in the studio where we cut and cut and cut the music some more, we then used the voice of our own Captain, Sean Raymond, to read the poetry. This poem was very important to us because this year, we had a member who was from Bosnia, a member who was gay, members who were Hispanic and Polynesian, and a German Exchange Student. So, we took his poem and "rewrote" it to fit us. We wanted a real "street-smart" feel so we added costumes, crime-tape, construction cones, etc.

Our German exchange student, Julia, and Ron, the process out by prepping the vinyl
Sean and Sarah Red, our technician, are shown here applying the first coat of gray paint
Here is Sarah Red again - in the background you can see how we arranged for Kearns High School's guard to come in and join us so that they could paint their floor since their school would not allow them to do it at home
We wanted the floor to look like a street, complete with skid marks - worked, didn't it! The hardest thing for me though, was watching them cut our $1250 floor up into 3 pieces so that we could manipulate it during the show and also get it on the plane for our trip to Dayton.
Michele James and her guard from Kearns High School painting their floor in our gym.
  Sara stretching out prior to rehearsal.  
Original Pastor Martin Neimoller's poem written during Hitler's time:

"....They came for the Communists,
But I didn't speak up
Because I wasn't a Communist.

They came for the Jews,
But I didn't speak up
Because I wasn't a Jew.

They came for the Trade Unionists,
But I didn't speak up
Because I wasn't a Trade Unionist.

They came for the Catholics,
But I didn't speak up
Because I wasn't a Catholic.

Then they came for me,
But by that time
There wasn't anyone left
To speak for me....."